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Friday, May 19, 2023



Hi angels! I hope you're doing well. Sorry it's been such a long time since I lasted posted. I've been feeling very overwhelmed lately and needed a break. In my time away I've thought a lot about the future of this blog and am not sure if I want to continue maintaining it as I feel like this form of media is no longer being consumed so all the time I put into creating in-depth content here feels a bit wasted tbh 😔

I have a huge backlog of photos built up from December and I still really want to share everything I've been up to eventually, but I think going forward I'll move more of my review or tutorial content to Youtube or Instagram. 

Thanks for sticking around and I hope you have a lovely day 💕

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Soufflé Pancake Date 🥰🥞

Hello angels, how are you doing today? The mall near my house is finally opening up more now that miss rona is slowing down, and lots of new restaurants have settled into the area in the past few months! One of them is a Japanese soufflé pancake store called Gram Café.

I've never tried them before and to be honest I don't really eat soufflé pancakes that much in general since they're a bit hard to find here, but now that there's a location so close to me I don't have much of an excuse 🙈

I met up with one of my friends, Marielle, to check it out together and we had a really nice time catching up!
I had quite a busy work day before we met up so I just touched up what I already had on for work and added some lashes. I think it was very cute and fresh faced!
It was still pretty cold around this time so I layered up. I have really been enjoying this combination of loose socks with leggings so I paired that with some boots and a little cardigan.
Just to make sure I was extra warm, I bundled up with one of my favorite new coats and this Burberry scarf my bf got me 🥰
The inside of the cafe was so cute, I didn't get any photos cause it was quite busy but I found some online to show you!
Marielle got the smoked salmon pancake set and I got the signature pancakes for myself. My set came with butter, fresh whipped cream and some syrup. They were soooooo yummy it really reminded me of the ones I ate in Korea when I tried soufflé pancakes for the first time!!  I can't wait to go back again 😍
That's all for today, thank you for reading! See you next time 💖

Friday, March 3, 2023

Company Holiday Celebrations 🎉

Hello angels, I hope you're having a nice day! I'm currently struggling with a few of my houseplants because the weather has been so cold lately. I think they're having a really hard time adjusting to how long this year's winter is and some of them are not doing so great 😭

If y'all have any winter plant care tips I'd really appreciate it 🙏🏻 
My new company has a much higher budget than my previous ones so a big thing they like to invest in is team building. Each new hire on my team is tasked with organizing their own welcome dinner and just before I joined, one of my coworkers had moved into my department from a different one so she got to organize a dinner.

We went to this beautiful patio dining space in the Hotel Georgia called Reflections. I've never been here before but I've seen a lot of pictures online and it was stunning in person!! I highly recommend you check it out during the holidays because the lights are so gorgeous.
Here's us walking through the beautiful hotel lobby
We got a lot of yummy appetizers to share, my favorite was shrimp and parmesan fries 😋
For the main course I ordered the prime rib and it was soooooo tender, my coworker next to me got the same thing and his literally slid off the bone and almost off his plate 😂
I took a few pictures of the studio during this time too. I always love seeing "The Hallway" that each game studio has. It's usually a hallway or dedicated space in the studio where they showcase all the games they worked on. This is one of the hallways around the corner from my office.
The building also put up this giant Christmas tree in the lobby, it was so pretty!! I loved the little reindeer they added to the display 🥰
For our company Christmas party, we booked one of the conference spaces at our university. Apparently there's always a theme for the holiday party and this year the theme was 80's snow ball/prom. 

For makeup I decided to go with baby blue eyeshadow and some gold glitter. I think blue was a pretty popular eyeshadow color in the 80/90s so this was honestly the easy part 😅
I don't really have a sense of 80's fashion but I figured something tacky and gyaru could work because of the animal print, fur, and big hair 😂

I ended up wearing this hot pink zebra print dress with a black fur trim on top of a thermal turtleneck and tights. I paired it with some platform boots and a thick fur cardigan to give it a glamorous prom queen kind of vibe!
The party itself was a lot of fun!! It was a buffet style dinner and we hired a live band. A lot of people dressed up for the theme so that made for some great team photos. We also had these little buckets of "snowballs" to throw at each other during the night which ended up being super chaotic. Everyone was trying to get one into my boss's wig 💀
sorry this is blurry but it's a boomerang lmao, this is my boss and his glorious wig!!
lots of yummy things from the buffet~
I honestly really missed big company events like this. I haven't really thought much about how much my work has changed since covid cause I felt very minimally impacted being able to work from home, but now that we're slowly easing back into things I am finally realizing all the little things I took a lot for granted before. 🤔
Anyways that's all for this post, thank you so much for reading. I'll catch you in the next one! 💖

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