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Monday, June 14, 2021

❌ 5 Newbie Gyaru Mistakes & How to Avoid Them 🙅‍♀️

Hello! I was thinking about my last post on tips that every gyaru newbie should know and came up with the idea of making a post around the most common mistakes that I've seen from newbies nowadays that might bar them from making progress or really deep diving into gyaru.

Today we'll take a look at a few common mistakes that most newbies experience and how to avoid them so that you can have a more enjoyable gyaru journey! I tried my best to not ramble here because a lot of these are really frustrating topics but even so, this post ended up a bit long so fair warning on that.

BTW these points are in no particular order. IMO they're all really common but each one is just as crippling as the next. All images are from google unless otherwise specified 💖

1. Not having a solid grasp on the fundamentals
I would say this is the #1 barrier for most people coming into gyaru because this covers a lot more than just makeup. When I say fundamentals I mean this in 2 ways:
  • The fundamentals of doing makeup, hair, and fashion:
    • knowing how to do your makeup so that it works for the features you have
    • knowing how to take care of your hair so that it can hold styles and be healthy
    • knowing how to put together outfits that flatter your body, how to work with different prints & patterns, understanding cuts and silhouettes, etc
  • The fundamentals of gyaru:
    • understanding what gyaru is and how it differs from other jfashion styles
    • knowing what elements are key to pulling off your desired look

✨ Tips:

  • Learn to apply makeup in a way that is flattering to your features
    • It's going to be difficult for you to achieve a snatched gyaru look if you don't understand how to apply makeup onto your own face. Makeup is not a one size fits all experience. You're going to need to learn what works and what doesn't so you have a baseline to work off of. With this, you can understand where you can exaggerate things and where things need to stay closer to your baseline.
  • Do your research. 
    • A lot of us older gals didn't have the luxury of youtube, instagram, etc. We had to scour the internet for people who owned physical magazines and hope to god they were kind enough to scan them and post them online for our reference. We also didn't really have a way to follow models outside of their Japanese blogs and we sure as hell didn't have the convenience of online shopping to the extent that we do today. Use all of these resources to your advantage! 
    • A lot of you guys out there don't know what "research" means. This isn't simply looking up images and saving them on a pinterest board. You have to study these pics. Look at the clothes and makeup carefully. Really examine what elements are being focused on and what the key points of the look you're researching are. Take note and try to apply these to yourself the next time you doll up.
  • Learn to dress yourself
    • I don't mean this in an insulting way, I mean that a lot of people don't understand the basics of putting an outfit together. There's more to it than just throwing all your brand on our loading up on accessories. Take some time to read up on color theory, how to wear prints & patterns, how different fabrics and textures work together, which cuts of clothing work for your body and which don't, etc. Having a basic understanding of these things will make it so much easier to pull together flattering and aesthetically pleasing outfits.

2. Over-valuing or over-investing in Japanese branded items
I think a lot of people come into gyaru because they saw a photo of a gal that they really liked or they fell in love with a brand's pieces and aesthetics. That's fine and all but because of this a ton of newbies want to dive in right away with building their dream MA*RS/D.I.A/Alba Rosa/etc closet right away. Which I don't have to tell you is an insane of money to have to throw down, especially when you're first starting out.

I've heard from so many different people that they feel gal is "pay to play" or that they're too poor to get into gal. This is 1000% not true. I think a lot of this stems from the fixation on brand pieces to make an outfit gal. 

Gyaru is probably the most accessible jfashion you can get into. Yes there are brands with very unique pieces that lots of popular gals in Japan swear by, but that doesn't mean you need to shell out for scalper and reseller prices to build your wardrobe up like this. You can definitely use things you find in local stores or webstores available to you. The key here is understanding what elements are needed in the look you're trying to create to make it undeniably gal (aka point 1). 

Unless you're doing a really extreme style like Hime (and even then it can be done without brand), you can probably get away with having almost 0 brand in your closet. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely nice to have but please stop feeling like it's absolutely necessary.

With this in mind, I think the opposite is also true. Just because you're decked head to toe in brand doesn't make the outfit more gal. If it's not coordinated properly, it can look equally silly so the takeaway here is to not lean on either side of these extremes.

✨ Tips:

  • Shop directly from jp brand stores when possible. This will save you from reseller/scalper prices.
  • Compare prices between different reseller sites. Sometimes you'll be able to find a better price on the pieces you want this way.
  • A lot of jp stores will sell fukubukuro (lucky bags) during the new year so try to take advantage of these if you can. 
    • These are grab bags filled with a random assortment of items and are a great way to dive into a brand if you're able to get your hands on one. You might be able to snag a clothing item or two that you've been wanting and if you end up not getting anything you want, you can always trade or resell to others!
  • Learn to sew/DIY. 
    • This will save you a lot of money on accessories and custom designed clothes (things with chains, studs, etc) as you can just find a base piece that fits you well (ex: shorts) and then just gal-ify it as you see fit! Plus if any of your items end up damaged from wear or wash, you can repair them yourself.
  • Study outfits from magazines/your favorite models and break them down for ease of recreation.
    • When you see an outfit you absolutely adore, try to boil it down to the most basic elements. I'll use the image below as an example:
There's a lot of really iconic pieces here so you may think it's impossible recreate without the brand pieces but it could be a bit easier than you think! First you have to break down the outfit by highlighting the key points. Here we have: 
  • a statement top with gold buttons 
  • a thicker belt with chains and gold hardware that matches the top 
  • denim shorts 
  • long boots 
When you list out all the key elements, you make it easier to find alternative options for the fit but still preserve the same feel (if that makes sense). For this example, let's substitute the top for something else. Here are some examples of things that might fit well, keeping in mind the points of the top are the print and gold hardware. These items don't have the built in gold buttons but because they are so plain you can substitute that with more gold jewelry like a chunky necklace or even layered necklaces (as seen in the first two pictures):

These are all from SheIn since that seems to be a popular site rn. Links to the items x x x x

    • The look won't be the same when you substitute items but the key here is to recreate the same vibe with items you have access to. Play around with this and try this substitution exercise with your favorite outfits! They may be more accessible than you think.

3. Buying cheap contact lenses
This isn't just a gal specific thing but I see it very often in this community. Please for the love of god never cheap out on anything that can directly impact your physical health. It's important to invest in good quality contacts so that you don't damage your eyes. I wrote a post about circle lenses a long time ago which I'm thinking about updating but the general message still applies so please check it out here.

Go see your eye doctor before purchasing lenses online. They can give you more information on the dangers of improper fitting lenses or poor quality materials. You will also need to do this to get your eye measurements (yes, just like body measurements) to ensure that the lenses you buy will fit you correctly and not cause any damage.

✨ Tips:

  • Look for stores that are credible, have lots of reviews, and are authorized vendors of the lenses. 
  • Read the lens description so you know what it's made of, the measurements of the lens, and the disposable period.
  • Stay away from lenses that have a yearly disposable limit on them. 
    • If you insist on purchasing these please don't wear them for a whole year before throwing them out. Just think about it, you're wearing the same piece of plastic on your eyeball for x hours each day for x many days. Even with proper cleaning that sounds disgusting to me so toss them at 3-6 months at most, depending on the frequency of wear. Your eyes deserve to be treated well.
  • Avoid lenses that are too large for your eyes. 
    • Enlarging lenses are really popular, but just be careful with these because if they're too big for your eye they will slide around and that can scratch your eyes which can lead to permanent damage.

4. Not using references
A lot of people would agree with me and say that makeup is an artform, which makes anyone who applies it an artist. With that in mind, every good artist will know that using a reference is the best way to improve your skills and provide you with a good foundation for creating your art.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen a newbie ask a question or post a pic of their look asking for concrit and it's just so off the mark that you KNOW this person has never used google in their life.
"Does this look (insert substyle here)?"
"Would this (clothing item/outfit) work for (insert substyle here)?"

"Can I do (insert substyle here) with (insert feature, clothing item, etc here)?"

Please before you ask any of these, look up photo references of the look you're going for and do a side by side. I promise that if you've at the very least done this step you will save everyone a lot of time and save yourself from becoming "that newbie" in the comm.

This doesn't mean don't ask for help if you're genuinely stumped, but it just really shows if you're someone who is invested and needs assistance growing and refining your look or if you're someone half-assing an aesthetic for internet clout. This also doesn't mean that you can't be original, but when you're first starting out you really need to have a handle on  your shit before you start putting your own spin on things. Take it slow and work on your look little by little. I promise you will be more satisfied with your look this way when it finally comes together.

I'm using one of my favorite gaijin gals, Emiriichu, as an example here because I think she has a lot of great practices as someone who started their gal journey relatively recently (I think she started like 3-4 years ago? Someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Screenshot from her blog post
She doesn't ask for crit but this would be a great example to follow if you were to ask imo. A pic of what you did versus what you're trying to go for. It's so much easier to show you where to improve or things you did well on if we knew what you wanted. Concrit can be so vague without reference as it would usually be given to fit into the general gal aesthetic as opposed to if you had a very specific look you wanted to emulate and this is especially true for more extreme styles like manba/banba/etc.

✨ Tips:

  • Find photo references and copy them exactly as you see them.
    • Don't fixate on technique or application skills. Just try to copy the look as closely and precisely as you can. Once you get this down, refining skills and technique will be the next step.
  • Take your time to experiment with your look.
    • Some people are really intimidated by the whole idea of gyaru makeup and want to be toned down for work/school/every day because they're afraid of standing out too much, being judged, or looking silly. If you're thinking like this idk what to tell you bc gal is all about standing out and being OTT.
    • Try different eye shapes, lash combinations, and brow shapes!
  • Even if you're aiming for more wearable looks like Maami or Aisyu, go big first and tone it down as you go. 
    • It's harder to start light and go bolder as you won't have the understanding of what needs to be exaggerated on your face and what needs to be toned down (ex: some people need more dramatic eye droops to recreate this kind of look just because of how their natural features are but you won't know this until you go that dramatic first)
  • Don't post incomplete looks for concrit.
    • Seriously, what are we supposed to do with a pic that you post for crit and you're like "oh but I don't have xyz thing for (insert whatever reason)". What am I even giving crit for, your foundation matching skills? Unless it's something really miniscule like say, you are using brown liner and not black like you wanted because you didn't have that on hand, there's no point in posting a pic that's missing lenses, lashes, and brows and asking for crit, I'm not gonna make up the rest of the look in my head to give you advice. Don't be that newbie. 

5. Literally just not making an attempt & using communities for spoon feeding
When I see questions like:
"How do I get my makeup to look more like (picture here)?"

"How do I achieve this look (picture here)?" 

"What can I do to look more like (picture here)?"
My immediate response is confusion and then physically holding myself back from becoming full Shia Lebouf.

I swear like, some of y'all are making your own lives difficult for no damn reason and it's incredible lmao. Literally if there's something you want to do, a look you want to emulate, a style you want to dress in: just fucking do it? When you ask questions like the ones above you sound like someone asking for assistance on how to put together an IKEA shelf while waving the instruction booklet around. 

✨ Tips:

  • Not a whole lot of tips I can offer here other than to re-read this entire post because I've already made all the points I needed to prevent you from being that annoying low effort newbie that seasoned gals dread getting questions from.
  • Use google. This is not a request.
If you've made it this far, thank you so much for reading my angry rambles. Even though some of the points I made above might sound a bit harsh or mean, remember that a lot of us are more than happy to help you. 

The main takeaway here is: don't be that bitch. Before anyone tries me, this isn't targeted or aimed at anyone in specific. I know a lot of my wording is pretty strong and angry but please understand that it's coming from a place of absolute frustration that is shared by many of the veteran and seasoned gals in the community. 

I am by no means the perfect or shining example of gal so don't come at me for for the things I said above as if it's coming from a place of superiority. I just need you guys to know that it's very tiring trying to help you when you won't meet us halfway.

I wish you the very best on your gal journey! Please let me know if you enjoyed this post and if I missed anything. I would be more than happy to make a part 2 if there's enough interest in it  💖

Monday, June 7, 2021

👑Quick Zoom Wedding Look & Small Updates💎


Hello angels! I totally forgot to post this last week because I got caught up in work so this will be a small little picture dump of my last few weeks. 

I got my first covid shot and was told I would be getting my second dose very soon (in 6-8 weeks) so I'm super excited to be able to go out again. I've been extra careful because a lot of my personal bubble is a mix of essential workers and high risk individuals so it's nice to know I can worry a little less in the near future.

I'm not very close to much of my extended family for personal reasons but I was invited to watch my cousin in Hong Kong get married over zoom. It was definitely a strange experience and not something I would want for myself, though this cousin and her husband were together for well over a decade so I understand that they may not really care for a proper service anyways.

I threw together a quick face for this but I didn't take a pic before I changed so there's no outfit pics, sorry! (I wore the MA*RS romper and cardigan again so it's not like y'all ain't seen it 😂)

I went for like, a soft glam type vibe and really liked how this turned out! Honestly it's kinda dramatic by normie standards but I think it's a pretty wearable everyday gyaru look.
I also gave myself some new nails. I'm actually running low on my polygel and debating whether or not I want to give acrylics a try. I like how easy polygel is to work with but it's a littlle less durable and long wearing than acrylics, though it could also be that I'm not very good at the application still.

I haven't ordered any new stickers or deco so it's just butterflies for this set. I have some gems but I'm kinda struggling to be creative with my nails since they get all busted up in like a week or two. I almost broke one when caring for my plants last week because I gripped the spray bottle funny and put too much pressure in the wrong place. Thankfully it didn['t snap right off but there was a crack in the gel so I had to do a fill and overlay to fix it right away which meant swapping colors/art only after a week 😓
Speaking of plants, I've been really enjoying watching my collection grow! I'm thinking of picking up a few more this week to brighten up my room. I'm just unsure of what to get as only some spots in my house get a good amount of sunlight so the rest rely on plant lamps or the office lights I have. If you're knowledgeable about this please drop me some suggestions!

My succulent collection

These are on my bedroom windowsill~

That's pretty much all I had for this post! I'm working on some bigger product reviews and gyaru related posts so stay tuned for those in the coming weeks 💖

Sunday, May 16, 2021

💙 Blue Winged Look & Home Goods Haul 🏡

Hello again! The weather is finally warming up and my garden out front is in full bloom so I decided to put on a face and get some pictures with the flowers. I of course swapped outfits and changed up my hair a few times so I could get the most content out of this for instagram because I'm probably not gonna doll up again for another few weeks idk 😂 what is consistency, we don't know her.

I also wanted to share some things I bought on amazon for my house to make things feel more cozy and put together. I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the same item if you're in a different part of the world than me but I'll include links anyways!
I wasn't really sure what kind of look I was going with here so I just winged it. I really wanted to use the bright blue shade in the abh amrezy palette so this is what I came up with!
I actually have a funny story about taking these photos so I'll just post the IG story here

Anyways I'm never going outside again, the streets have changed 😂
I actually ended up swapping outfits and messing with my hair for more pics to post on IG so I'll share that picspam too haha
I've been super into scrunchies again so I bought a bunch of silk/satin ones. Unfortunately they aren't really good quality but that's what I get for buying them off aliexpress lol. I'll invest in some better ones eventually but for now these will do!
I've been in a huge spring cleaning mood so I picked up a few home goods off amazon to help organize my spaces and make things look a little more aesthetic. I hope this gives you some ideas for your place! I think these are all some really easy ways to make your living space more cozy and luxe feeling and they're not super expensive either~

The first thing I got was this resin tray for my bathroom counter. I love the color and it has a little bit of weight to it as well.
It just fits all my hair and body care items and it makes the counter so much easier to clean because I don't have to move each individual item~ 
The next thing I got was this makeup organizer tray. I usually leave a lot of my products in the built-in storage of my vanity but I found the top was kind of messy looking because I have so many face creams and cotton pads just sitting around there.

This was the perfect size and really good quality! It definitely looks a lot cleaner now and I really love the gold detailing on this, it makes this area feel so much more luxurious. 
I have a problem with leaving too many things on my desk and in the little cabinet underneath so I got myself a little shelf to keep my vitamins, snacks and stationary. The screens on my desk are really big so it's hard having things on my desk as they'll block my view 😭

I'm really happy with this purchase, it's the perfect size and was super easy to put together. I can't wait to stock this up with goodies haha
The last thing I got was this little side table for my bed. My room is shaped a little weird, my bed just fits into this part of the room but the wall is pretty close because of the closet so I don't have much space for a side table. When I saw this I knew it would be perfect so I went ahead and got it without even looking at the dimensions 😬

And there you go! A perfect fit 🎉 I love the little mesh base, I thought it was great for resting my power bar on. I'm so happy I have a space to put my humidifier (was on the floor before) and charge my devices without worrying about accidentally knocking them off my bed when I'm sleeping. Not sure what I'll do with that magazine/book holder part because I don't really read or own any print media but I guess it's nice to have. I'll probably just put my switch there haha
Ok that's all I had for this post! I hope this maybe gave you some ideas for your own home and if not, thank you for tolerating my old lady fascination with home decorating lol

See you in the next post~ 💖
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